About My Brand

Content strategy is my jam because I’m a linear thinker and can spin out ideas better than anyone I know. As an outsider to your business, I can see the big picture from a fresh perspective and can plot content ideas and strategies you probably haven’t thought of yet. As member of your team, I care deeply about your success and want to take the stress of content planning off your plate.

I don’t do fluff and flowery; I take action. I understand that “best practices” aren’t necessarily what’s best for your business because every business and business owner has a unique set of needs and goals. I’ll take a look at what makes you different and push you to take it a step further, but I’m not going to push you over the edge.

My Mission

Educating and empowering business owners to create the content they need to help grow the business of their dreams.

My Vision

  • I will be the go-to content strategist for service-based businesses in the online space, providing friendly and fun service to those ready to make great things happen.
  • I will provide quality educational materials at a price that won’t break the bank to business owners who want to DIY their content and content strategy.

Core Values

  • Learning for life
  • Connecting professionals
  • Having fun in all things
  • Respecting others’ time, money and expertise
  • Being real, always

Core Beliefs About Content

  1. Content First. You must think about your content and your message before you start working on the design. Otherwise, you’re trying to fit content into spaces and platforms that aren’t designed for your message.
  2. Know how to Write. Write how you speak (to a point) to attract your ideal audience. But make sure you edit for the written word.
  3. Content Sells. Good content will sell your product or service, but that isn’t always the primary goal. With your content marketing, focus first on educating and informing your audience.
  4. Consistency. If you deliver good content consistently, your audience will look forward to your latest and greatest. If you’re not creating content, your audience will wonder if you’re still alive.
  5. Share Often. Whether you’re sharing your own content or curated content, sharing and sharing often keeps your name top-of-mind so when your audience is ready to buy you’re the first person they think of.
  6. Have a Plan. There’s no point in creating content if you don’t have a strategy in mind. Know what you want to accomplish with your content and what you want your audience to do once consuming it and write to that end.