How to Use Categories in Your Blog


You started a business because you have an expertise you want to share with the world. And then you started a blog because you knew you needed content to help you market that business. But now, your blog is a mess. It’s impossible to find anything and your older blog posts aren’t getting any visibility […]

5 Things You Need for Every Blog Post


Your blog is a great marketing tool for your business. It’s where people likely find you first and where they go to learn more about the services you provide. You can use your blog to educate your audience and connect with them, all while you’re establishing yourself as an expert in your industry. If you’re […]

Top 8 Reasons to Blog

It still surprises me to visit the websites of both local and online businesses and not find a blog (or, shoot, not find a website at all!). It’s the digital age and businesses without an online presence can rely on traditional advertising and word-of-mouth for only so long. A blog is a huge asset to […]

You Wrote a Blog. Now What?

You followed my formula to start churning out blogs more consistently. But so what? If your blogs are simply sitting on your website, waiting to be noticed, they’re not doing anything for you. You need to actually do something with your blogs so they get noticed by your audience and your potential customers. Otherwise, what’s […]

A Formula for Blogging

Writing each blog doesn’t need to be a struggle. It’s really a simple task that you can get through quickly, if you’re using the right formula. While some writers use a more complicated process, this simple formula can help you get over the hump so you can start publishing fresh content more consistently. Know your […]

25 Blog Topics for Any Business

Coming up with blog topics can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to the online world or feeling particularly uninspired. Here are 24 topic ideas you can cultivate and develop for virtually any business. How to – Explain how to do something in your industry. Pros and Cons – What are the benefits of a […]