How to Manage Intake Overload


Over the last six weeks or so, there has been a lot of noise in Facebook groups about the sheer volume of content out there. Keeping up with inboxes and social media notifications is tough to do, and it can be overwhelming to spend any time in either place. Personally, if I spend more than […]

What to Do if You’re Not Reaching Your Biz Goals

I started running years ago, and when I did I thought it was just a way to burn off some steam. Eventually, I started running in races—a 5k here, a half marathon there. People thought I was a little nuts for enjoying the half marathon, which actually made me like it even more. (Yeah, I’m […]

How to Create Your Own Business Aid Station

If you’ve ever run a race, you remember the aid station: tables set up with volunteers handing out water, Gatorade and sometimes even snacks. It’s a runner’s respite mid-race, where they can re-hydrate and get the energy they need to keep going. It’s important to set yourself up for success in your own business, too. […]

The Ups and Downs of Business Ownership

business ownership

Owning your own business is definitely not all rainbows and unicorns. (Truly, nothing in life really is.) But even though there are ups and downs in this entrepreneurial world, I firmly believe that the upside will always outweigh the downside, especially for me. Here’s what I’ve learned about being a business owner—both the good and […]

Share Your Business Values

Maybe you started your business out of necessity—you were laid off from your day job or just needed to get away from the grind. But as it started growing, you started to develop ideas about how you wanted (and didn’t want) to conduct business. These ideas come from our personal values and belief systems, our […]