Why You Need a Bosscation

Why You Need a Bosscation

Client work had become the bane of my existence. Even with working crazy hours, I felt like I could never get ahead with my own business tasks. My marketing was sporadic and lacked a strategic plan… it was more like, “what am I going to write about this week?” (that was, if I even had […]

3 Reasons You Should Start Using Video

3 Reasons You Should Start Using Video by Jessica Freeman

As business owners, we’re always looking for ways to grow our business and increase brand visibility. Last year, I started a YouTube channel to house video content and tutorials for my audience. It was definitely a rocky, awkward start – but the ROI has been ten-fold. But, let’s talk about the 3 reasons you should start […]

How to Work Web Design into Your Content Strategy


Your website design is an important, and often overlooked, factor in content strategy. Whereas a strong content strategy will get people to your website, strategic web design will help them stay here. The longer your visitors stay on your website, the more they get to know you, and the more they start to like and […]