Recipe for Sales Page Success

You built your website to help you market your business, and ultimately want it to generate leads and sales. Your website content is designed to introduce your audience to you and your products and services, but your sales pages need to do the heavy lifting. Use Your Voice Of course, your audience wants to buy […]

Must-Haves for Your Website

Must Haves for Your Website

Not all websites are created equal, and rightfully so. Some business owners truly take the time to vet out others’ websites to determine what needs to be included on their own sites—whether you’re looking at the competition, websites that resonate with you or getting advice from experts in the field. Others, well…don’t. Let this be […]

8 About Page Mistakes

When you pique someone’s interest, they’re going to check out your website to find out more about you. And one of the first places they’re going to stop is your About page. Because they want to know you, not just buy from you. Having a quality About page is one of the most important pages […]

The Blog-Only Website Doesn’t Work

You’re ready for an online presence for your website. Great! I’ve had a number of small business owners tell me that they’re ready to start a blog—but they don’t want a website.In an attempt to save money while still reaping the rewards of an online presence, I’ve seen solopreneurs and other small businesses go for […]

Top 5 Website Pages

Kind of seems like a no-brainer, right? You have a website and you need pages (and content) to help sell your product or service. But as small business owners start to develop their site, they don’t know what pages to include on their website or what information should go on each page. Here, your website […]

Beef Up Your Website

Feel like you need to beef up your website? You’re probably right! Your regular site visitors get bored if your website content is stale. And you want to be certain that you’re providing as much (or more!) value than your competition. According to the Small Business Administration, there are 27.9 million small businesses in the […]

Pieces to the Website Puzzle

Developing a website is a lot like putting together a puzzle. There are certain pieces it needs to have, depending on you and your business. But figuring out what pieces fit, and where, can be a challenge. Here are some tips on what pieces you need—and why. Home Page Every website needs a home page. […]

Map Your Website – Before You Design

Knowing what content you need on your website before you build your site is vital. Many small business owners know what they want to see, visually, on their website and don’t think about the content until after their developer has finished building their site. Content is what will drive people to your website and should […]

Must-Haves for Your Website

  So you have a website, but it’s not giving your business enough traction. Either no one is visiting your site or your visitors aren’t converting into sales. What gives? Maybe you missed some of the key features of a quality website. Here are just a few of the things you might have missed when putting […]