What Words Resonate with Your Voice?

If you’re reading this, I assume you know that words matter. It’s how we communicate—on paper, on the computer screen and in person. And as a business owner, your words can make or break your business. They’re what sells your product or service and they’re what can help you move a project from dream to […]

Stop Confusing Your Audience

Have you ever looked through old family photos and thought, “I wore that!?” or, “What was Mom thinking when she let me get that hairstyle?” But that was the style back then! I mean, just check out these gems from my childhood. (Who’s cool now!? Don’t be jealous.) We dress in a way that shows the […]

Refine Your Writing Style

As your business grows and develops, you’ll find your writing style start to shift a bit. You’ll be more comfortable writing for your business, but your voice might shift as you hone in on your niche. And overall, you’ll grow as a business owner. While it’s important to stay consistent with your messaging, it’s okay […]

Keeping Your Brand Voice Consistent

Like you, your business has a personality. It’s a living, breathing being that grows and changes as you learn where you want to focus and then get to know your ideal client a bit more. And like all living, breathing things, your business has its own personality. Its own quirks and oddities. And its own […]

Writing for the Web

Ever been on a website and known immediately that the author was speaking directly to you? Or been so turned off by what you saw that you closed the window right away? The style you use when writing your website content can draw your ideal audience and also turn people off. If you’ve done any […]