Copywriting Services

Your website is typically the first place people will go when searching for an expert in your field. Whether you’re a health professional, attorney, camp director, business consultant or photographer, it pays to know who your ideal client is and target your website to that audience.

But you’re busy running your business and have little time (or talent) for writing website copy or for blogging. Whether you know what you want to say (but don’t know how to say it) or are starting from scratch, I can help. Through a series of one-on-one strategy sessions, I will help craft content that will sell your goods and services.

Because every business is unique, we start with a Map It Out session to help you gain clarity on exactly what you need, then craft a package the fits your business like a glove.

We can take it a page at a time or get your whole site in shape all at once!

About Page – Starting at $325

Services Page – Starting at $325

Sales Page (for a specific launch) – Starting at $625

Other Pages – Starting at $319

Blogging Services – Starting at $160 per blog (min. 2 per month; includes 4 social posts + loading) Not interested in loading? Prices start at $130 per blog.

Nurturing Emails – Starting at $97 per email (when included in blogging package)

Sales Sequences – Starting at $97 per email ($89 per email when purchasing sales page)

To get started, schedule a Map It Out session so we can discuss your needs and get you on the right path from the get-go!

My Process – Website Copy

  • An initial Map It Out session helps us determine exactly what you need and what angle we should take on your copy.
  • From there, you fill out a comprehensive questionnaire to fill in the blanks on who you are, what your business is all about, what goals you have and what’s most important to you in your copy.
  • We sit down for a virtual 60-minute call to help answer any additional questions I have.
  • Then, I get to work! About 5-10 business days after our call, I provide a clean draft of your website copy.
  • Once you’ve had a chance to review the copy, we have a quick call to talk about any changes.
  • A few days later, I provide you with a second draft of the copy that we can tweak together, if needed.
  • Your designer or developer loads the copy and provides me with a preview link so I can do a final review before you push your site live to the world!
  • Congrats! Your website is ready!

My Process – Blogging

  • An initial Map It Out session helps us determine exactly what you need and what strategies we should implement for your blog content.
  • During this call, we’l discuss the categories and tags currently on your blog and what’s working (and what’s not) so we can decide on some blog topics moving forward.
  • For the first round of blogs (minimum 2 per month), we’ll have a 45-minute call to discuss main ideas and talking points. I’ll take notes so I can use your words to craft the blogs.
  • Within 10 business days of this call, I’ll deliver your blogs to you via Google Docs in a shared Google folder. You’ll review them and then we’ll discuss.
  • Moving forward, we’ll continue to meet once a month for 45 minutes to address the following month’s topics and you’ll continue to receive your blogs within 10 business days of that call (depending on quantity–larger quantities of blogs take longer to complete).

I’m sure you’ve noticed that every package and service I offer starts with an initial Map It Out session, and for good reason! But if you’re on the fence and want to make sure we’re a good fit first, I hear you! Let’s have a Quick Chat!