Launch Solution Package

It’s never too soon to think about a launch. In fact, you should be thinking about how and when you’re going to launch your next big program well before you even think of wrapping up production.

The planning behind a big launch includes:

  • How you’re going to build interest
  • Getting launch partners on board
  • Figuring out where and when to promote it
  • Creating the perfect timing for getting your message out

The week before your launch is too late.

And you’re too busy with client work to create start the launch process while you’re building your program.

Let’s face it: Launches are time-consuming and stressful. And when you don’t know what copy you need (or when, or where, or how to even make it happen), it can be even more so. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have all your launch copy done for you—well before you start promoting? You can!

The Launch Solution Package is exactly what you need.

The right copy, in the right place, at the right time. Well before you’re even done with your program. I will:

  • Strategize with you on the best approach for getting your message out, using a variety of platforms.
  • Create blog posts around the topic of your program to start building interest.
  • Develop opt-ins that leave your audience begging for more.
  • Draft email sequences that nurtures leads, encouraging them to click through.
  • Create swipe copy for guest experts or early adopters to help you promote to a wider audience.
  • Craft killer sales page copy that gets your prospects to “buy now.”
  • Write ad copy to reach new leads and convert them into customers.

And what’s even better? You’ll receive all your copy tied up in a neat little bow in a shared Google folder about three weeks after our initial meeting.


The Process

  1. We’ll start with a 20-minute Quick Chat to ensure we’re a good fit for one another.
  2. Once you decide to place your copy in my capable hands, you will fill out a comprehensive questionnaire with additional information about your program.
  3. Then we’ll meet for a one-hour session where we will develop a strategy, timeline and I’ll gather more information.
  4. I’ll get to work on your copy, touching base with you throughout the process to let you know my progress and asking questions as I go (as needed).
  5. About 10 business days after our 60-minute call, you’ll receive a shared Google Drive folder with all the copy neatly outlined.
  6. We will meet again to discuss the copy together, with me taking notes on any needed changes.
  7. I’ll take about two business days to make any tweaks and changes, then return the copy to you in the same folder.
  8. You and I will have one final meeting to go over all the documents and to review the timeline, then you’ll be free to implement and release the copy on your website, social platforms and email marketing so you can sell away!

The Investment

Every business and launch is different, so during our Quick Chat, we’ll talk about exactly what’s needed for your launch. A typical launch package includes:

  • 60-minute introductory call to lay the groundwork for your message
  • Sales page copy
  • 9-email nurturing/sales sequence
  • Swipe copy (up to 4 separate messages)
  • 4 awareness-building blog posts

Launch Solution Packages starting at $2,147 or 2 payments of $1,234.

Contact me today or schedule a Quick Chat to find out about availability. Packages are offered on a limited basis.

My Philosophy

I’m creating copy for you, in your voice. Because this is your copy, I encourage you to have as much input as possible. From your questionnaire and our conversations, I gather the information I need to write in your voice. The more information you can provide me, the better I am able to craft your copy to perfection.